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SpazioFantasia.com is a small reality that focuses on communication and image of businesses and individuals, with photos, videos, and quality websites.
We pay attention to detail, play with nuances, and track stories, creating visual content tailored for you.

Every service accomplished follows high quality standards, giving our customers the opportunity to make their own project creatively and with always high emotional content.

Our areas of employment cover the whole study of the image, from video and photo services to the graphic design of logos and websites. All this is done through the partnership of small realities within SpazioFantasia.com, which have been working together for years, addressing the challenges the new market offers us every day, with up-to-date and up-to-date equipment.

SpazioFantasia.com is born from an idea of ​​Marco Barretta, Photographer and Filmmaker, and to date also coordinator of the graphic department.
Thanks to certifications that have been acquired over time, including the Google Maps Certified Photographer, our workflows follow strict quality controls before deciding to end and posting the new graphic identity we proclaim to our customers.

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